Refinancing Your Auto Loan with Ignition Financial

Refinancing your vehicle replaces your current loan with a new one under different terms. Generally, auto refinancing refers to the process of paying off your present-day car loan and getting a new one from a separate lender. This process will have varying outcomes for car owners depending on what they are looking to obtain. It is imperative that you know what outcome you want to achieve before refinancing your car.


The vast majority of people who refinance are doing so to save money. This goal can take many forms, whether this is to help the owner save on their monthly payments and lower their interest rate or to adjust the loan term length. Others may want to refinance their car loan to remove a co-signer in pursuance of taking full possession of the vehicle. Essentially, the new lender will buyout your current lease or loan to replace it with a more affordable one. If your car payments have been overwhelming, this course of action will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.


As with all other loans, your credit score will be a deciding factor in your eligibility to undergo refinancing. If your credit is poor or has suffered since first purchasing the vehicle, higher interest rates will be eminent. Your lender will be the one to determine your eligibility, and this can be done by filling out an online application. The online application process for all car refinancing includes the need for personal details, vehicle information, a complete credit history check and current loan data. From there, the application will be reviewed by a loan expert who will discuss specific terms with you. The terms will include the new rate, interest fees and payment duration.


At Ignition Financial (www. slash my payments .com), you will work with a team of qualified loan experts who are there to assist in your car loan refinance. As professionals in the lending arena, Ignition Financial offers a solution to help each borrower keep more of their money when choosing a financial option. This successful team is dedicated to matching clients with auto loans that help them lower payments, reduce interest fees, extend term length and remove co-signers from their titles. The owner and CEO of the establishment, Taylor Carstens, has worked with companies such as Toyota and the People’s Trust Federal Credit Union. He and his staff will assure a safe, inexpensive and effortless transition into a new loan agreement.

Securus Technologies’ Press Release That Corrects GTL’s Inaccuracies

GTL Technologies made subsequent press statements that have all turned out as false. Securus Technologies has come out to refute the claims stating that they were illogical and had no basis. One of the press release made by GTL was an allegation that the patents board had already validated some of the patents owned by GTL. The company noted that it was only a few months before moving to court. GTL indicated that it wanted to show the public how Securus had infringed its rights.


Securus Technologies made a subsequent press release to refuse any such claims made by GTL. It stated that the company doesn’t have any evidence as far as the case is concerned. Therefore, there is no jury that is ready to listen to any allegations made without evidence. Securus CEO, Richard Smith, went on to indicate that in case GTL has the evidence, the company will solve the matter in a long time for about a year. GTL is therefore going to lose a lot in terms of time and money. Richard Smith advised GTL to stop picking fights with other companies. He stated that GTL is a growing company in the prison communication industry. For GTL to achieve success, it must have adequate patents and licenses. He added that GTL should stop wasting time and money by picking fights. Instead, the company should focus its resources on the acquisition of patents and licenses.


Securus Technologies is a company leader in correction facilities. The company offers an array of services such as public safety, monitoring, investigation, and video monitoring services. The company believes that GTL made gross errors in their previous press release. I stand with Securus Technologies in the argument. I think that GTL is a misleading company that has engaged in several malpractices in the past.


Adam Milstein’s Purpose For The Milstein Foundation

Adam Milstein has made news as a spokesperson for Jewish Americans. He is a real estate professional who has lived in both the US and Israel and is also a contributor to the Jerusalem Post.

He also made the Jerusalem Post’s list of Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2016, a list that includes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and philanthropist Haim Saban. Milstein and his wife Gila founded the Milstein Foundation to help promote Israeli causes in US and strengthen relations between the two nations. Their goal is to be actively involved in every organization their foundation supports, and to build philanthropic synergy between Jewish American community leaders.

Milstein was born in Israel and is the oldest of three sons. His parents had moved there back in 1948 when the modern nation was born. His father had fought in the war of independence and then settled down to become a construction building framer. Adam saw many different parts of Israel growing up due to his father’s job. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

He eventually joined the military when he came of age, serving from 1971 to 1974. He fought under Ariel Sharon’s command in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In 1974 he and Gila were married and he attended the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology where he studied business and economics.

Adam began his real estate career working alongside his father developing different properties around Israel, but then decided to get his MBA at the University of Southern California. He relocated to the US where he completed his MBA and then joined Hager Pacific Properties, a Jewish real estate firm.

According to Crunchbase, Adam Milstein is managing partner at the firm. Adam and Gila founded the Milstein Foundation in the year 2000, and also helped start the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Hasbara Fellowships, Hillel International, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Stand With Us. Adam has spoken at different conferences and world forums on behalf of Israel’s agenda.

Look to Chaz Dean WEN Your Hair Needs Hydrating

Chaz Dean is a Los Angeles stylist who serves many celebrities. He is a hair stylist with a humble heart and he puts all of his clients at ease by his zen-like aura. Growing up, his love for photography is what brought about his passion for hair. He took many different photography courses and then later signed up for cosmetology school, turning his interest in other people’s hair into a professional career of cutting and coloring. While practicing his cosmetology skills, Dean also worked with a very successful company to come out with a hair care product line. This developed his interest in creating different products.

Dean quickly became the manager of the salon he was working at and then later purchased it. They relocated from Los Angeles to Hollywood and came out with a new name: Chaz Dean Studio. This studio is where Dean started developing his popular product WEN Cleansing Conditioners. This provided his clients with a new way to not only cleanse their hair but also hydrate it. Dean is always creating new and different products and taking care of the clients at his salon as well as providing them with their perfect hair for their fashion shows and award shows. Dean gives his clients the ability to have the hair they have always dreamed of.

Follow @CHAZDEAN and @wenhaircare on social media for more information.

Dean’s cleansing conditioner comes in many different scents as well as fragrance free for those who are sensitive to different fragrances. You can find them in cranberry mint, almond mint, vanilla mint, fig, red currant, white citrus, lavender, and more! The cleansing conditioner also isn’t just for adults, it is also made for kids and even your pets! You can find it in travel sizes to make sure you have it on your trips and you can find it in gallon sizes, so you never have to worry about running out!

Making sure that you cleanse your hair in a way that is not only safe, but also healthy, is the secret to always having great hair! If you aren’t sure what product will suit you best, you can always contact WEN directly to answer a few questions and then they will be able to tell you which formula is best for your hair! Making sure you get the right formula for exactly what YOUR hair needs is important in creating and maintaining the overall health of your hair, as well as hydrating it.

Click here to purchase WEN by Chaz.


Cotemar Potential

The oil industry in Mexico is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. There are many people who are excited about the growth because it creates jobs and helps the local economy. Cotemar is an oil drilling company that has worked hard to take advantage of the positive drilling trends. Cotemar has spent a lot of money trying to get the technology right for drilling. The better technology becomes with drilling, the less it will cost to get oil out of the ground. Cotemar invests a huge percentage of the sales it earns into technology for this reason.

Working for Cotemar

There are a lot of companies in Mexico that do not have ideal working conditions. As manufacturing jobs on continue to develop, companies must invest in the employees working at their locations around the country. Cotemar has always taken the approach to treat employees well. Over the past couple of years, this is a company that has invested a lot of time and money into the well-being of the employees who work at the company on In the coming years, the company is planning to invest even more time and money in this area.

Future Plans for Growth

The oil drilling boom is not going to slow down in Mexico. There is a huge opportunity for companies to make money right now. That is one of the reasons that Cotemar is investing so much into oil drilling and production. As demand around the world continues to increase, this is the perfect opportunity for Cotemar to grow rapidly. Cotemar is one of the best places to work in Mexico because it has a strong balance sheet and a quality leadership staff on Indeed that cares about the employees. These are all reasons that the company is poised to continue growing in the coming years. See:

Why Ignition Financial is a Market Leader in Auto Refinancing

Ignition Financial is a leading provider of financial advice pertaining to auto loans. Despite being in business for slightly over one year, the Austin-based financial institution has managed to link tens of clients with reliable finance sources. It has created a niche for itself in auto refinancing by enabling clients to borrow loans whose rates are flexible and pocket-friendly. This is popularly referred to as slash my payments.


The form understands that the prevailing auto-lending market is widely misunderstood by most people. Fact is, most Americans have no idea about the financing aspect of the car-buying process. Besides this, lending institutions are always in a vicious bidding war to facilitate as many auto-loans as possible. This creates a situation where loan interest rates rise. Ignition Financial helps clients find low interest rates.


Benefits of The Firm’s Slash My Payments Services


Ignition Financial reduces clients’ payments. This helps them refinance to more friendly monthly payments. In addition, the firm shops low interest rates on behalf of its clients. This way, they can easily avoid being burdened by the huge financial burden that is often associated with auto loans.


The firm’s employees are experienced, and have the competence to pinpoint the needs of each individual client. In doing so, they are able to tailor advice that suits those needs. Ignition Capital has also simplified its products and services by offering a rationalized auto refinance process to clients. This makes it the go-to institution for borrowers who wish to cut their monthly bills when applying for auto loans.


Mainstream lending institutions often factor in clients’ credit scores before they give out loans. A higher credit score guarantees a higher loan amount. Ignition Financial has a blog, which offers advice to clients about improving their credit scores. In addition, it carries out an evaluation on their behalf to determine the amount of loan that they qualify for based on their credit score, employment history, and bank balance. The institution’s services are also available online, which negates the need to make visits to its services in order to access its products and services.


Service Protection


Ignition Financial recognizes that car ownership can be an expensive undertaking. Therefore, its experts endeavor to protect clients from unforeseen circumstances that may cause them to incur unwarranted costs. In line with this, the company provides reasonably priced coverage options that help clients to secure their investment, and save funds. This includes inexpensive vehicle repairs, and the replacement of parts.


How Kevin Seawright Innovates in Economic Development

Kevin Seawright, who is currently employed at the Newark Economic Development Corporation, has excelled as an economic strategist. His current position is as an executive vice president, and has held that position since September of 2014.

As for educational attainment, he has a Master of Science in accounting. Aside from his personal growth from over thirteen years of working in finance, he also has a focus in improving work-life culture.

Over Kevin Seawright’s career he has specialized in asset coordination for the companies that he has worked for. He works with the cost-cutting aspect of finance, and he also has an important emphasis on saving jobs. He works with the human resources departments of the places that he is helping strategize, and he tries to have people cross-trained, so they will be much more of an asset to the company.

As a strategist, he knows that each person who works for the company is a vital asset, and he will make sure that he can keep as many of the jobs that he can. Along with his retention of current staff, Kevin Seawright also helps standardize them through proper training, so they are work as efficiently as possible. When companies are hiring, he makes sure that he obtains the most qualified candidates, and he helps manage the acquisition of new employees.

The economic strategies that Kevin Seawright helps implement in the companies that he works for have vastly improved the effectiveness of them. For instance, when he oversaw the various development projects that he was assigned to a Human Capital Divisions, they saw their forecasting of capital returns increase by 25 percent.

Chris Burch’s Evolution with Tech Fashion Success Tales

The evolution of sound takes us way back to the 70s with the boom box music system. There was a milestone of change in sound in the 80s, where movie story lines became an added advantage with the sound system. The 90s became more personal, with the arrival of Walkman music gadgets which replaced the boom box. A decade later, the iPod summarized the era of boxes into tiny music devices.

Technology evolves with the attractiveness of fashion statements. Currently, the fusion of technology and fashion is here with us. Fashion designers enjoy creating market deliverables using technology. Offering an advanced norm in modernization fused with functionality.

The Future

As fashion progresses through technology is now developing a means to protect us. Today, some designers are creating unusual fashion by recycling resources. SegraSegra recycled bicycle inner tubes to produce cool t-shirts and jackets, while Emma Whiteside designed a great gown with used radiator copper.

Technology and Fashion Work Together

Sometimes technology requires a boost from fashion to achieve popularity. Top fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg used her models on the catwalk to showcase how Google glasses can be chic and cool to wear. Fashion galas tend to rouse the latest trends. The acceptance of Google Glass technology portrays such behaviors. Consequently, fashion and technology blend well together. The expectation of technology leads to the potential of fashion. Technology and fashion work in sync to produce the best of both worlds.

About Chris

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur with diverse businesses across several industries, including technology, fashion and real estate. Chris has been in business for over 40 years; he is a well-rounded entrepreneur in his various niches. Mr. Burch went to Itchica College in 1976 where together with his brother Bob cofounded Eagles Eye apparel.

Chris heads the Burch Creative Capital, a brand portfolio comprising companies such as ED, Cocoon9, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. Mr. Burch has several real estate ventures including luxury homes in Southampton, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. He has developments in Argentina –the Faena Hotel + Universe.

In 2011, Burch launched C. Wonder, a home decor retailer which currently belongs to Xcel Brands. Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres In July 2014 to launch her lifestyle brand, ED. He now supports the development of other lifestyle brands like Bauble Bar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health, Chubbies, Soludos, and Little Duck Organics.

Burch is a former Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation board member and former Pierre Hotel Co-op Board President. His funding contributions range from research initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital-New York, The Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, The China Association of Social Work, The Henry Street Settlement and the Child Welfare League of China.

Read about Chris Burch here.

How IAP Worldwide Has Developed A Broad System Of Service Delivery

As a leading provider of logistics and technical services, IAP Worldwide has worked on expanding its addressable market and upgrading the quality of services offered in different categories. The company has come up with stronger and bigger systems that are making it easier to reach clients in different specialties.

One of the methods they have used to make these processes possible is the acquisition of companies in different specialties that add on to the expertise and service categories available. In recent developments, IAP Worldwide support to companies in the aviation industry.

Custom-engineered infrastructure
To be unique in their services and to offer value to clients, IAP Worldwide has come up with a system that makes it possible to offer custom-designed infrastructure that can suit a specific type of environment. They work closely with the clients to make the process easy and to eliminate mistakes along the way. Before coming up with a plan for the infrastructure to be installed, professionals first visit the client to analyze the kind of action required then they draft a custom solution that makes it easy to address challenges.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services to Help Implement Army’s Distributed Common Ground System

Emergency services
Emergencies occur as a surprise and are sometimes difficult to handle. IAP Worldwide understands this and has invested heavily to ensure in the event one of their client gets into an emergency situation that requires immediate intervention, the company offers a response to the issue that befits the magnitude of the challenge. Some of the problems IAP Worldwide has been intervening to solve are in the health industry and include things like fire breakout. With a trained and well-equipped team, IAP Worldwide has been having easy time solving such problems.

Power field and utilities
Based on a wide experience in installation and maintenance of different components, IAP Worldwide offers electrical systems and power generation solutions to clients in different industries. They also intervene to offer trash removal services and for clients who would prefer recycling, the company works with a reliable system that can handle all types of materials.

Cyber systems security
Modern technological systems store and exchange loads of important data and there is need to install strong security features that prevent loss of vital information on IAP Worldwide installs cyber security components that shield a network from invasion and unwarranted access. They develop a custom system that allows the client to secure any type of information.


Town Residential Client Commitment

Town Residential has always been committed to the clients that they have. Whether the client is looking for a simple dwelling in New York City or a luxurious McMansion, they are able to get what they need just by asking around at Town Residential and giving them the price that they want.


The way that Town Residential works for their clients is by always delivering what they want. They know that their clients are always right and this has led to them making decisions that are able to make their clients happy. They want all of their clients to be able to get what they want and this means that they always deliver on the promises that they have made for their clients. They want to be sure that their clients are getting exactly what they want. It is a place where they must spend a lot of time, after all.


While Town Residential likes to work with people who are looking for homes, they also want to work with developers so that they are able to find the best places to be able to build homes in the areas that they are in. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their business. It also enables them to do things that are different that other real estate companies are not able to do because they do not have relationships with the developers who are in parts of New York City.


Town Residential has ten offices. The tenth was just opened up and it was a huge milestone for the company. It was something that they were working toward since they first began their business and was something that they wanted to make sure was done. They had no idea that they would be doing it in the meatpacking district or that it would come at such a short notice, but they knew that this opportunity was the right thing for them to be able to do when it came time for the business to grow even more in the way that things worked.


Within three years, Town Residential has done all of this. They have only been in business since 2013 and this truly shows that they are experts at what they do. Their clients love them, the people who they work with love them and New York loves what they are doing to the market. This has been a big change from the typical real estate company in the city and has allowed Town Residential to be much different. They are a company that goes far above and beyond what other real estate companies are able to do.