Zooming past the competition at the Beverly Hills Auto group

In the world of Automobiles very few countries consistently get praised for the precise engineering, and all out performance as much as Germany. One company stands out above the rest. That is BMW. BMW has been regarded as one of the best automobile manufactures on the planet with a bold history spreading across generations.
Many people desire this vehicle and its prowess.That’s where the Beverly Hills auto group thrives in delivering used car solutions for such high-performance vehicles. A consumer can obtain a phenomenal piece of machinery at an affordable rate directly at the Beverly Hills auto group in New York, New York. There are many benefits in buying a used car. Especially a used BMW. With the right model of used BMW such as the 335i, you can save thousands of dollars for a brilliantly engineered and reliable vehicle that will get you from place to place in style, not to mention with great gas mileage.
Since 1969 the Beverly Hills auto group has put the customer first in delivering an amazing product such as the used BMW, for a competitive price. With great customer satisfaction, and a friendly smile. The Beverly Hills auto group can help you ride in a beautiful new German made BMW.

Avi Weisfogel Turns Dentistry Combined With Marketing To Build Dental Sleep Masters

More and more dentists in today’s world are starting to specialize in sleep treatment and administering sleep medicine. One of the leaders of this growing phenomenon is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a man who practiced in regular dentistry about 14 years before deciding to move exclusively into sleep practice. He told Ideamensch in an interview that he saw little work being done in the field of sleep and felt he had the marketing skills to attract client interest into his new organization. He named his new organization Dental Sleep Masters which provides a lot of seminars and white paper on sleep research discoveries, and the kind of oral appliance medical professionals should prescribe that are comfortable. Dr. Weisfogel has found a new passion here that he hadn’t felt in his former years.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is from a suburb of Newark, NJ and has seen medicine practiced in some capacity or other throughout his life, including his father’s job as a cardiologist. Weisfogel was always intrigued not only by life sciences, but by psychological phenomena and he would study those two fields earning a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. From there he felt dentistry would be the best field to bring those two interests together, so he enrolled in the NYU College of Dentistry earning his DDS and later his certification to practice in New Jersey. After starting with a few small offices around Newark, he opened his longtime office known as Old Bridge Dental Care.


Dr. Weisfogel achieved nothing short of spectacular in his dentistry practice and was always well-liked by patients who visited the Old Bridge Dental Care clinic. He was even awarded Best Dentist recognition multiple times throughout his career. But even with all the awards he won, he never truly liked being a dentist in the way he found his love for sleep science. It began by founding Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and then merging several other sleep research foundations into Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Weisfogel is also involved with non-profit medical organizations including Operation Smile for which he setup a GoFundMe page not long ago.

Sam Tabar Partner at Full Cycle Fund

Sam Tabar is currently a Partner at Full Cycle Fund and has over 17 years experience as a capital strategist and attorney.

Some Big Accomplishments by Mr. Tabar

Sam holds a Bachelor’s’ Degree from Oxford University with Honors and a Master’s Degree Law from Columbia Law. He started off his career as an Attorney for Skadden in 2001 and his responsibilities included providing legal advice to mergers, acquisition deals, fund formation, employment contracts, investment agreements and side letters.

Mr. Tabar left Skadden and went to Sparx Group in 2007 where he served as Managing Director where he oversaw long/short Asian focused equity, credit, macro funds in the tune of 5 Billion Dollars, assisted on compliance and legal matters and provided performance reports on a monthly basis. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.artstation.com/artist/custombuilding4 https://www.artstation.com/artist/custombuilding4

Some of his accomplishments here included launching of new funds including direct and macro lending, negotiating a partnership with a Japanese company Nikko that led to a $700m raise, over $500 million raised for macro, credit, equity products. He also developed a international client base of over 850 relationships.

Sam Tabar then moved to Merrill Lynch in 2011 where he was appointed Director Capital Strategy. Here he managed raising of capital on all aspects and investor introduction and dealt directly with hedge funds. During his tenure, Mr. Tabar’s Capital Introductions was ranked first in the Global Custodian Survey 2010 and 2011. He also built global Rolodex with 1250 plus institutional investors.

Capital Strategist Tabar then moved to Adanac LLC, BVI as it’s Director. He was able to invest in properties, start ups in America such as Verboten and Thinx which helped him focus on his capitalism skills before re-entering the law in 2013. Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP took him on as a Senior Associate dealing with hedge funds, providing counsel regarding fund structure and formation, employment issues, side letters similar to his duties at Skadden.

In 2014 he left SRZL to start his own firm in New York City, Full Cycle Fund and thus far has created a highly targeted and customised list of investors, raising capital, provided legal counsel, operating process institutionalising, creation of fund summary and institutional deck.

Sam is also invests privately, as an early investor in SheThinx which has re-invented female hygiene industry to empower women globally as their social mission.

A Look at Sam Tabar’s Social Media

If you are to search Sam Tabar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you are likely to find he mostly posts about things he is passionate about. Sam recently posted a photo of him and a friend of his celebrating a 17 year friendship and earlier had posted a photo of him and his mum celebrating Mother’s Day.

Tabar also posts on issues to do with law and capital strategies such as links to give one advise, invitation to conferences and speeches.

Alexandre Gama’s Name Has Become Synonymous with the Brazilian Communication Industry for His Marvelous Involvement

Alexandre Gama has been a formidable force in the Brazilian business and publication scenes for over 30 years. The Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University alumnus first engagement was in 1982 at Standart Ogilvy Agency where he gave his services as a writer. For four years, he worked at DM9 as a copywriter after which he moved to head the Creations Department at AlmapBBDO Agency. According to Wikipedia, Alexandre Gama took up three prominent posts at Young & Rubicam Agency. He was the chairperson and chief executive of this advertising agency. His next move was to go independent, and that’s when he launched Neogama agency in 1999. He has since been involved in other investments like a music project named VIOLAB and a partnership with Briggs Automotive Company that manufactures sports cars.

More about Alexandre

Alexandre Gama fights for the rights of communication agencies in Brazil through a platform called the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. In two different years, he presided over the International film as a jury. Alexandre Gama displays his works at the famous Brazilian Art Museum. His contributions to the industry have been awarded over the years with multiple accolades. He has been the Entrepreneur/Manager of the Year in Communication Industry by Cabore Awards.

Source:  https://www.crunchbase.com/person/alexandre-gama



Wedding Photography To The Rescue

Perhaps, today marks the day of someone’s wedding. Aside from hiring a good wedding planner, newlyweds have to consider additional factors regarding their wedding plans. First, remains the actual cost of their wedding. Moreover, newlyweds make sure they have a wedding that fits their budget. Another important factor includes the location. Without a proper location, newlyweds would not have the ability to enjoy the serenity and feel of a wedding.

With that being said, George Street Photo and Video Address Locations remains one of the most relevant companies when it comes to wedding photography. Aside from their Chicago location that captures the essence of a metropolis, the company also has operations in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. For those unaware, this location remains another remarkable location. Moreover, this remains attributed to the city’s historic significance in the Civil Rights Movement. In closing, one will find the southern charm of Atlanta equally intriguing.


The Goals of Dick DeVos

Of the many prominent and successful individuals that are involved in the world of business, one individual in particular stands out due to not only his successful within the world of business, but also due to his philanthropic activities that have raised awareness to the importance of better educational systems. This individual is Dick DeVos, a member of the DeVos family which is a family that currently resides in West Michigan and is known to be one of the richest and one of the most generous families in the United States. The family company is known as Amway Corporation which has become integrated in not only the United States, but also within numerous other countries.


What makes Amway Corporation a unique company is the fact that it brings both quality as well as the idea of cheap to the average household all over the world. As a member and as a leader of the company, Dick DeVos has been fortunate enough to watch this company grow from a small business to a multi-billion dollar company that has become international. Dick DeVos has been inspired by his father who was the individual who laid the ground work to build a family legacy for many more decades to come.


Dick DeVos has dedicated over forty years of his life to the world of business. Dick DeVos has been involved with Amway Corporation all his life and has learned his passion and his talent for business through not only his experiences, but also through his observations. Dick DeVos had always known that he wanted to be a businessman and had always known that he wanted to make his father proud. In present day, Dick DeVos has maintained and has grown the DeVos family legacy to be associated with philanthropic activities as well as associated with powerful individuals.


Dick DeVos is not only a businessman, but is also an individual who loves his community and who has wanted to see each member of his community thrive. In order to promote economic growth, Dick DeVos has funded numerous education initiatives due to the fact that he believes that education is the key to growth in the future. Dick DeVos has always respected the accumulation of knowledge through hard work and is now funding this through the many scholarships and the many building of schools that he has helped with. Dick DeVos hopes that education will soon be based off of merit.