Ingenuity, Excellence & Aspirations: The Academy of Arts University

Having a strong passion for something that you truly enjoy can payoff in a huge return if you stay the course. The Academy of Arts University’s School of Fashion personifies this notion the best. The school sent some of its fashion graduates to New York Fashion Week, and the school very well-represented itself. Like in years of the past, Academy of Arts University thrived under the lights at the exquisite Skylight Clarkson Square. This place is for anything and everything that’s fashion- related. Ten of the school’s MFA and BFA graduates presented their work, which includes two menswear lines, two collaborations and five womenswear line.

Did you know that there are copious amounts of hours that has gone into each project? Yes, and these projects were conceived via workshops, classes and internships. This just so happened to be the school’s 21st straight appearance. With thousands of people in attendance during the weeklong event, its popularity has soared. As of now, New York Fashion Week can be viewed via livestream. For those who may be interested in attending the Academy of Arts University, just know that this institution is all about business. Success breeds success and this notion rings true on all levels. The school offers guided tours, which gives you an up-close-and-personal viewing of the housing, the galleries and the exhibits. Some of the most state-of-the-art facilities can be found at the school’s urban campus that’s actually in the heart of San Francisco.

There are MA & MFA programs here and you can earn an undergraduate degree, a certificate as well as a graduate degree. Every base is being covered because the school wants to see its students achieve greatness. This is definitely one of the most creative environments for learning. All in all, Academy of Arts University is simply winning in the game of life, and it will continue to win in the years to come.

Betsy DeVos Touts School Choice as Future of Education.

Betsy DeVos is a devout reformer, unabashed in her faith, and a complete bulldog within the political arena. As the newest Secretary of Education, DeVos will be charged with making a difference inside of a political machine that has been notoriously caustic to outsiders. Of course, President Trump has changed the discussion relating to outsiders in the United States government forever after spending the majority of his campaign touting his willingness to ‘drain the swamp’. Now, words must transition into work and Betsy DeVos is more than ready to prove Trump’s faith in her as a good decision.


For Betsy DeVos, there has been no single topic more important over the past thirty years than the idea of school choice. DeVos has taken up the reigns for the past thirty years in order to try to spread the word and get more people involved with the concept. School choice is a concept made originally popular by Milton Friedman’s writings more than fifty years ago. However, Friedman’s writings would have stayed as writings without DeVos’ devotion to spreading the word. Let’s look at why and how DeVos has done so much work to get school choice on the menu of conversations everywhere within politics.


Betsy DeVos sat down with the Philanthropy Roundtable just this past year in order to discuss what led her to become the most vocal figure in the fight for school choice on a national level. With m ore than fifty years separating the writings of Milton Friedman and the success of DeVos in getting the word out, something had to have seriously changed in the national discourse and DeVos is likely the reason why. DeVos says of the future of school choice, “Well, I’ve never been more optimistic.” She goes on to detail how more than 17 states have adopted school choice programs with 33 publicly-funded institutions cropping up so far. As of the most recent statistics, almost a quarter of a million students are enrolled within these institutions. Michigan is, of course, leading the charge with the majority of programs coming from DeVos’ own neck of the woods.


Of course, getting school choice to such a public and popular level wasn’t an easy task and nor did it happen overnight. DeVos first took a serious look at school choice as the future of education when she and her husband Dick had their own children. DeVos recalls a time when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School and saw just how electric and inspiring the learning environment was. DeVos knew that she was looking at something special, “Where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity and with love for one another.” Betsy knew that she wanted that atmosphere translated to schools all across the nation.


It takes more than just a good idea to reform a concept as large as education. So, DeVos started up two different school-choice charities while also serving on the Michigan Republican Party board as the chairwoman. That work put her on Donald Trump’s radar and now DeVos has the national reach that she has always needed. Learn more:


Tony Petrello And Company Are True “Nabors” To Hurricane Victims

Hurricane Harvey took Texas by storm not too long ago, but it also showed Texans something that they probably didn’t know prior. The storm showed them who was in their corner and who wasn’t when it came to looking out for the community. The relentless storm stripped people of their homes and the ability to obtain bare essentials like food and clothing.

Compassionate businesses contributed to the community in an effort to stabilize it after such a chaotic interruption. Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, was a huge contributor to this cause.

The company gave back to the community and its employees by giving extra pay to the workers who volunteered to go out into the Texas towns and help people. The business also used its kitchens to prepare meals for community members. Associates took the meals and delivered them to people who were in need. The company also made various generous donations to other funds that were helping hurricane victims. Nabors was being a true neighbor to the families who had their lives change almost instantaneously. This isn’t the first time that Nabors did something so boldly beneficial. The company has given many millions of charitable causes over the years with Petrello cheering each effort on.

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The whole company culture at Nabors revolves around the idea of community, teamwork and encouraging one another to do the right thing. That’s why Petrello matched the contributions that his employees made toward the Hurricane Harvey relief. The official name of the fund that they started was the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, and the monies that were in it were used to fund the efforts of people who were out there doing hands-on assistance work. Because of its efforts in this crisis and it’s involvement in past instances, the Nabors company has a reputation for being a consumer advocate and one of the good guys when it comes to genuine interest. Some businesses only care about money, but this firm seems to care about lives.

Anthony Petrello has an extensive profile that always focuses on the idea of helping other people. He graduated from Yale and Harvard with an MD, BS and JD. He worked for a law firm before he came to Nabors, and he is a director at a Texas Children’s Hospital. The community wholeheartedly appreciates his effort to help the families in the neighborhood recover from one of the most devastating events of their time.

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