Tony Petrello And Company Are True “Nabors” To Hurricane Victims

Hurricane Harvey took Texas by storm not too long ago, but it also showed Texans something that they probably didn’t know prior. The storm showed them who was in their corner and who wasn’t when it came to looking out for the community. The relentless storm stripped people of their homes and the ability to obtain bare essentials like food and clothing.

Compassionate businesses contributed to the community in an effort to stabilize it after such a chaotic interruption. Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, was a huge contributor to this cause.

The company gave back to the community and its employees by giving extra pay to the workers who volunteered to go out into the Texas towns and help people. The business also used its kitchens to prepare meals for community members. Associates took the meals and delivered them to people who were in need. The company also made various generous donations to other funds that were helping hurricane victims. Nabors was being a true neighbor to the families who had their lives change almost instantaneously. This isn’t the first time that Nabors did something so boldly beneficial. The company has given many millions of charitable causes over the years with Petrello cheering each effort on.

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The whole company culture at Nabors revolves around the idea of community, teamwork and encouraging one another to do the right thing. That’s why Petrello matched the contributions that his employees made toward the Hurricane Harvey relief. The official name of the fund that they started was the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, and the monies that were in it were used to fund the efforts of people who were out there doing hands-on assistance work. Because of its efforts in this crisis and it’s involvement in past instances, the Nabors company has a reputation for being a consumer advocate and one of the good guys when it comes to genuine interest. Some businesses only care about money, but this firm seems to care about lives.

Anthony Petrello has an extensive profile that always focuses on the idea of helping other people. He graduated from Yale and Harvard with an MD, BS and JD. He worked for a law firm before he came to Nabors, and he is a director at a Texas Children’s Hospital. The community wholeheartedly appreciates his effort to help the families in the neighborhood recover from one of the most devastating events of their time.

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