Aloha Construction Has Nailed Customer Service In The Midwest!

Aloha Construction has announced recently that they are taking customer service through the roof to a whole new level. This family owned business whose priority of making their customers feel more secure in their home, has expanded and now offers a new brand, Aloha Builds. Having completed thousands of overall construction projects, including hundreds of remodeling jobs, the company’s CEO has designated an entire team of experts to specialize in this much needed service. The new division, Aloha Builds, will perform interior restoration, ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodels to natural disaster aid and cleanup.


This expansion will benefit Aloha Construction customers on both sides of the spectrum, and that always spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S. New customers won’t be waiting for remodel jobs, and remodel customers won’t have to wait in line for a new home to be built ahead of them. This development is an evolution of sorts certain to impress potential customers. As an added bonus, customers will reap great benefits as the industry grows and new products and techniques are introduced. Aloha Builds, now focusing solely on restoration and Aloha Construction, for new construction will continue to dominate in pioneering industry standards.


In addition to the new team solely dedicated to restoration work, Aloha Construction also announced the upcoming launch of a new innovative website offers comprehensive access to the services offered and is wall-to-wall, so to speak, full of remarkable information pertaining to all aspects of their work. Customers can order a thorough and vigorous 9-point inspection, allowing the experts to identify the overall integrity of a home’s roof. There are links to apply for financing as well as contact information for the Lake Zurich Headquarters or the Bloomington, IL office.


It’s no wonder Aloha Construction maintains an A+ rating with the BBB, with such unprecedented and revolutionary expansions and unsurpassed customer service dedication. Whether one is in need of new windows, screen replacement, siding, gutters/downspout system, or fascia/soffits a simple visit to the innovation and customer friendly website ( will make the process a breeze. Bonded and insured, with a long list of happy customers makes this company an easy decision for all types of construction projects.


Just like the structures they build Aloha Construction has established a solid foundation, with their main focus on customer satisfaction through service and quality workmanship and these developments reveal that they are the elite choice for all things construction.

Lake Zurich