Jeremy Goldstein and the New Online Portal by the New York State Bar Association

Finding a lawyer in New York has been made easy and convenient, thanks to the Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS). LRIS, an arm of the New York State Bar Association, provides lawyers that can handle criminal cases, will writing, compliance issues among other legal matters. Recently, the organization launched a 24-hour online portal and telephone service through which New Yorkers can contact lawyers with maximum confidentiality. All the lawyers practicing under LRIS are approved by the New York State Bar Association.

A Word from the Bar Association President

Commenting on the new technology, President Claire P. Gutekunst of NYSBA pointed out that the portal would offer lawyers a wider client base. He further noted that given the stressful events that precede a legal process, the portal would offer a low-pressure legal process. Claire expressed gratitude towards, the technological firm that developed the portal and commended it for doing a good job. CEO Tony Lai of, on the other hand, emphasized the important role that lawyers play within the New York community. He expressed optimism that the new technology would go a long way in ensuring that New Yorkers received legal services at a cheaper cost.

About LRIS and NYSBA

The LRIS was instigated about 35 years ago and currently serves more than 10,000 people per year. According to Ms. Elena Jaffe Tastensen, an attorney practicing from Saratoga Springs, LRIS has helped many lawyers grow their legal practice. The NYSBA, on the other hand, was founded in the 19th century and is the largest state bar association in America with a membership of over 72,000. Among the notable members is Jeremy Goldstein.

Jeremy L. Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a New York lawyer practicing under Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC where he is also a partner. His principal areas of practice include governance and executive compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein is a leader within the American Bar Association where he serves as the chairman of Merger & Acquisition Subcommittee. Jeremy sits on the boards of several notable organizations that include Fountain House and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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