Another Happy Customer of NewsWatch TV (Review)

Tori Pugliese, of SteelSeries, expressed her “excellent experience” with NewsWatch TV team’s service. The first thing she happily testified was how knowledgeable the team was. NewsWatch did not require any long, drawn-out explanations and was already ahead of her on the SMT process and how public relations work. Since the team was so experienced the whole thing was an easy and painless process that resulted in her visions becoming a reality. The team knew exactly what they were doing and more importantly, their hearts were in it, and they believed in her product. The result was a high-quality video that ultimately helped drive distribution. She continued to benefit from the video by utilizing it on other websites and platforms to maximize sales and awareness of her product.

NewsWatch is a Washington, DC-based television show that is a source of modern news, new-product reviews and announcements. They started in 1990 and slowly expanded their topics from just financial issues to technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, and governmental news. The award-winning television show now airs nationwide on AMC and ION. Highly decorated celebrities, such as Denzel Washington, Carrie Underwood, and Will Smith, have made appearances on NewsWatch.

In 2011, they were successful enough to partner with Fortune 500 to post reviews on Sony, Audi, and even Outback Steakhouse. In 2012, NewsWatch appealed to their audience interested in technology by featuring an app called AppWatch. Tech geeks, kids, and working adults who want to keep up with the latest and greatest apps (available on iOS, Android, and Windows) can benefit from this new segment.

NewsWatch has become a huge name and is continuously working to become an even bigger name with their constant trending posts and millions of followers on all of their social media, including YouTube with over 4 million. This number is, however, minute to the 700 million they have managed to reach in the course of 25 years. They said it themselves that NewsWatch is “one of the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.”



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