Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions; Financial Planning With a Personal Approach From the Founder of the Company

If you live in the Austin area of Texas and are in need of financial advice and the services of a trusted investment counselor; you’re in luck. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is most likely just a short drive away from you and while he does offer financial advice his approach is a little different, he really feels that he is more of a guide and an advocate when it comes to helping you make your financial decisions.


Richard Blair is the founder and owner of Wealth Solutions which operates out of Austin, Texas, which is a ‘Registered Investment Advisory’ company and the word ‘Registered’ means his company operates under the supervision of the ‘Securities Authorities’ of the state of Texas. Personally, he has an industry securities registration that he has held for over 22 years and is under the watchful and constant scrutiny of the Securities And Exchange Commission.


He has taken his formula for creating financial guidelines and investment strategies and broken it down into three elements that he calls the ‘Three Pillar Approach.’



  • Pillar Number One: Develop an Understanding: This first pillar involves getting answers to a variety of questions so that he and his clients can understand their strengths and weaknesses and what their financial goals are. Richard Blair has a keen focus on ‘Risk Tolerance’ as he feels peace of mind is very important. If you are going to lie in bed awake all night worrying about the risk level of your investments; then you’re not really going to be able to enjoy life right now.



  • Pillar Number Two: A Long-term Vision With an Emergency Fund: Once it is understood what a client wants and how much risk they can handle; then it is time to set up a long-term strategy and also allocate a sufficient amount of money for an emergency cash fund. Again, there is a an aspect of having ‘Peace of Mind,’ but also the practical understanding that having cash on hand means you don’t have to make a withdrawal from one of your investments. An ‘Early Withdrawal’ normally results in penalties and fess and paying taxes so you end up losing money instead of just using part of the cash on hand in your emergency fund.
  • Pillar Number Three: Insurance Needs and Long Term Care. Insurance needs are important and it’s not just life insurance. Getting quotes from companies and combing all the types of insurance you need can save you money. There is also the fact of understanding the value of certain life insurance policies if there ever is a sudden need due to an emergency situation.



With someone of Richard Blair’s caliber and integrity who operates within a local geographical area; his clients feel much more at ease knowing that a simple phone call and a short drive means they can sit down face to face with their financial adviser and this same person is the founder of the company giving them an unusual sense of well-being.

Refinancing Your Auto Loan with Ignition Financial

Refinancing your vehicle replaces your current loan with a new one under different terms. Generally, auto refinancing refers to the process of paying off your present-day car loan and getting a new one from a separate lender. This process will have varying outcomes for car owners depending on what they are looking to obtain. It is imperative that you know what outcome you want to achieve before refinancing your car.


The vast majority of people who refinance are doing so to save money. This goal can take many forms, whether this is to help the owner save on their monthly payments and lower their interest rate or to adjust the loan term length. Others may want to refinance their car loan to remove a co-signer in pursuance of taking full possession of the vehicle. Essentially, the new lender will buyout your current lease or loan to replace it with a more affordable one. If your car payments have been overwhelming, this course of action will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.


As with all other loans, your credit score will be a deciding factor in your eligibility to undergo refinancing. If your credit is poor or has suffered since first purchasing the vehicle, higher interest rates will be eminent. Your lender will be the one to determine your eligibility, and this can be done by filling out an online application. The online application process for all car refinancing includes the need for personal details, vehicle information, a complete credit history check and current loan data. From there, the application will be reviewed by a loan expert who will discuss specific terms with you. The terms will include the new rate, interest fees and payment duration.


At Ignition Financial (www. slash my payments .com), you will work with a team of qualified loan experts who are there to assist in your car loan refinance. As professionals in the lending arena, Ignition Financial offers a solution to help each borrower keep more of their money when choosing a financial option. This successful team is dedicated to matching clients with auto loans that help them lower payments, reduce interest fees, extend term length and remove co-signers from their titles. The owner and CEO of the establishment, Taylor Carstens, has worked with companies such as Toyota and the People’s Trust Federal Credit Union. He and his staff will assure a safe, inexpensive and effortless transition into a new loan agreement.