Investment Guru Paul Mampilly: Winner of Templeton Foundation Best Trader Award

For a long time, a large section of the United States population has been using conservative means of investments. They have been using methods such as savings bank accounts. However, such methods add almost no value to one’s investment. The interest that they accumulate is too small to even talk about. It is almost equivalent to earning nothing from the money deposited. It, therefore, does not make sense why one should take their money to the bank as a means of investment. If one is looking to make a serious investment, there are many opportunities that they should take advantage of.

There are numerous opportunities that one can take as an alternative. One such method is the stock market investment. This is an option that can generate good income for the investor. To make a good choice on the stock to invest in, then you can rest assured that there will be a lot of advantages to gain.One person who is passionate about investment in the stock markets is investor Paul Mampilly. He is among the best investment adviser in the world. He has been giving out advice to investors on the stock investment opportunities that could offer the highest returns.

Paul Mampilly has a newsletter called “Profits unlimited.” This is the channel through which he has been advising those who are interested in making it in the financial markets. He uses this platform to inform his subscriber about specific stocks that they should invest in. He also makes information about stock markets available through his work as Banyan Hill Publishing.For the New Year, 2018, Paul Mampilly has already written two articles on the stocks that people should watch out for. He is informing investors to keenly look for investment opportunities in the internet of things, financial technology, new energy and wearable medical devices sectors. According to Paul Mampilly, companies in these fields will likely generate huge profits in 2018. Taking advantage of the opportunities that are in these industries will prove to be a prudent decision for any investor.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a leading trader in the stock markets. He won the Templeton Foundation awards in 2009 for the best trader by managing to convert $50 million to $88 million. The good thing is that he managed to pull this through in the height of the global economic depression without shorting his trades.Paul Mampilly also works as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been generating investment materials for the publishing house.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions; Financial Planning With a Personal Approach From the Founder of the Company

If you live in the Austin area of Texas and are in need of financial advice and the services of a trusted investment counselor; you’re in luck. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is most likely just a short drive away from you and while he does offer financial advice his approach is a little different, he really feels that he is more of a guide and an advocate when it comes to helping you make your financial decisions.


Richard Blair is the founder and owner of Wealth Solutions which operates out of Austin, Texas, which is a ‘Registered Investment Advisory’ company and the word ‘Registered’ means his company operates under the supervision of the ‘Securities Authorities’ of the state of Texas. Personally, he has an industry securities registration that he has held for over 22 years and is under the watchful and constant scrutiny of the Securities And Exchange Commission.


He has taken his formula for creating financial guidelines and investment strategies and broken it down into three elements that he calls the ‘Three Pillar Approach.’



  • Pillar Number One: Develop an Understanding: This first pillar involves getting answers to a variety of questions so that he and his clients can understand their strengths and weaknesses and what their financial goals are. Richard Blair has a keen focus on ‘Risk Tolerance’ as he feels peace of mind is very important. If you are going to lie in bed awake all night worrying about the risk level of your investments; then you’re not really going to be able to enjoy life right now.



  • Pillar Number Two: A Long-term Vision With an Emergency Fund: Once it is understood what a client wants and how much risk they can handle; then it is time to set up a long-term strategy and also allocate a sufficient amount of money for an emergency cash fund. Again, there is a an aspect of having ‘Peace of Mind,’ but also the practical understanding that having cash on hand means you don’t have to make a withdrawal from one of your investments. An ‘Early Withdrawal’ normally results in penalties and fess and paying taxes so you end up losing money instead of just using part of the cash on hand in your emergency fund.
  • Pillar Number Three: Insurance Needs and Long Term Care. Insurance needs are important and it’s not just life insurance. Getting quotes from companies and combing all the types of insurance you need can save you money. There is also the fact of understanding the value of certain life insurance policies if there ever is a sudden need due to an emergency situation.



With someone of Richard Blair’s caliber and integrity who operates within a local geographical area; his clients feel much more at ease knowing that a simple phone call and a short drive means they can sit down face to face with their financial adviser and this same person is the founder of the company giving them an unusual sense of well-being.

George Soros: The Most Successful Investor in American History

George Soros is the foremost philanthropists in this world with sharing above $12 billion till date for philanthropy word. His funding has supported organizations and individuals globally who are fighting for transparency, freedom societies and of expression and accountable government which promotes equality and justice. This charity usually focused on those who face discrimination for who they’re. He supported groups representing Roma people from Europe and others who are struggling to the margins of typical society, such as LGBTI people, drug users and much more.

George has experienced such type of intolerance directly. He was born in 1930 in Hungary, and he lived through Nazi occupation between 1944 and 45. As the Communists united power in Hungary after that war, Soros left Budapest and fly to the London, working as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter as part-time to support his education from the School of Economics in London.

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In 1956, he immigrated to the America, entering the world of investments and finance, where he was destined to make his fortune. In 1970, to achieve his dream, he launched a hedge fund, known as Soros Fund Management, and moved on to become the most successful investors in the United States.

George used his fortune to create an Open Society Foundations, a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. George’s work and the name reflect the influence on Soros’s philosophy of the thinking of Karl Popper, which George first encountered while he was studying economics in London. In his book, Popper argues that no ideology or philosophy is a final arbiter of truth, and societies can flourish when they agree with freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for distinct rights, it is an approach of Open Society Foundations.

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1979 was the year when Soros started his philanthropy by giving scholarships to South Africans. In the 80s, he helped promote an open exchange of ideas in Communist Eastern Bloc by offering photocopiers to reprint texts that banned, only to them their power. After that, he created a University in Central European as a space to raise critical thinking. It was an alien concept former Soviet states at most universities. He funded cultural exchanges among Eastern Europe and West, playing an essential role in assisting Soviet society he had briefly lived in, to open itself to this world.

Over the years, George Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals representing thousands of illegally held individuals, endorsed the largest effort in the history to integrate Roma of the Europe, and provided school/university fees for thousands of talented students from disregarded groups. And he also has reached beyond the foundation, supporting sovereign organizations such as the European Council the International Crisis Group, Global Witness, and much more. Read more about George’s life story at

Why Ignition Financial is a Market Leader in Auto Refinancing

Ignition Financial is a leading provider of financial advice pertaining to auto loans. Despite being in business for slightly over one year, the Austin-based financial institution has managed to link tens of clients with reliable finance sources. It has created a niche for itself in auto refinancing by enabling clients to borrow loans whose rates are flexible and pocket-friendly. This is popularly referred to as slash my payments.


The form understands that the prevailing auto-lending market is widely misunderstood by most people. Fact is, most Americans have no idea about the financing aspect of the car-buying process. Besides this, lending institutions are always in a vicious bidding war to facilitate as many auto-loans as possible.


Benefits of The Firm’s Slash My Payments Services


Ignition Financial reduces clients’ payments. This helps them refinance to more friendly monthly payments. In addition, the firm shops low interest rates on behalf of its clients. This way, they can easily avoid being burdened by the huge financial burden that is often associated with auto loans.


The firm’s employees are experienced, and have the competence to pinpoint the needs of each individual client. In doing so, they are able to tailor advice that suits those needs. Ignition Capital has also simplified its products and services by offering a rationalized auto refinance process to clients. This makes it the go-to institution for borrowers who wish to cut their monthly bills when applying for auto loans.


Mainstream lending institutions often factor in clients’ credit scores before they give out loans. A higher credit score guarantees a higher loan amount. Ignition Financial has a blog, which offers advice to clients about improving their credit scores. In addition, it carries out an evaluation on their behalf to determine the amount of loan that they qualify for based on their credit score, employment history, and bank balance. The institution’s services are also available online, which negates the need to make visits to its services in order to access its products and services.


Service Protection


Therefore, its experts endeavor to protect clients from unforeseen circumstances that may cause them to incur unwarranted costs. In line with this, the company provides reasonably priced coverage options that help clients to secure their investment, and save funds. This includes inexpensive vehicle repairs, and the replacement of parts.