OSI Group: A Global Food Product Supplier

OSI Group is a premier global food supplier. The company provides a wide range of custom value-added food products for some of the leading retail foods brands and foodservice companies in the world. It’s among America’s largest privately held companies. They offer unparalleled reach and resources. OSI Group has extensive capabilities including custom food product development as well as the management of the global food supply chain. They can handle the entire process from sourcing to processing and distribution. This enables them to provide custom food products to fit any operation and help them to maximize their opportunities.

The OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees in 65 facilities in 17 countries. They are focused on producing the highest quality custom food products. They can support any company’s future growth or global presence with consistency and responsiveness. They can help to ensure your customers enjoy a quality experience. OSI Group partners with some of the world’s leading food service providers.

As a premier global food provider, the OSI Group partners with the world’s leading retail foods and foodservice brands. They provide concept-to-table solutions which consumers worldwide love. The company has the infrastructure and the financial resources to source, produce, develop and distribute food products for businesses worldwide and provide them with custom food solutions. OSI Group is driven by an entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic and offers new, innovative methods for delivering next-generation food solutions to help businesses turn their ideas into success.

The company was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. It was started in Oak Park, Illinois as a family meat market. The company became involved in the wholesale meat trade in 1917 and developed a reputation for providing quality meats. In 1928 it became known as Otto & Sons. Its big break came when they agreed to provide fresh ground beef patties for Ray Kroc and his fledgling McDonald’s franchise in 1955. They built their first high-volume meat plant with liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines in 1973 in West Chicago. The company’s name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975.

Today the OSI Group is the 58th largest private company and has $6.1 billion in assets and their international headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company offers products like bacon, meat patties, fish, hot dogs, poultry, pizza, pork, dough and vegetable products to supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chains worldwide.