Goettl Air Conditioning

Hot climates with humidity in the air demand air conditioning to stay cool in the house. It is not often an option in that kind of climate. Goettl is a leader in the HVAC industry since 1939. Goettl offers proficient air conditioning that outlasts your summertime needs. Goettl offers the best home environment solutions utilizing the latest advances in HVAC technology. Goettl also has a sister company called The Sunny Plumber. There are measures you can take to protect your home from the weather such as weatherizing your home to prevent conditioned air from escaping to the outside. It is also possible to keep your air conditioner unit in the shade.

The thermostat must be kept away from the heat as well. Your AC can be tricked into thinking that more cool air is needed than truly necessary. Low-emmisivity windows can also help deflect sunshine away from your home. Sometimes a cheaper alternative is to apply tint film to the windows so that sunshine is deflected from the home. The thermostat in the summer must be kept to 78 degrees in order to save on heating costs. Radiant barriers installed in your attic can prevent heat from sinking down into the home, preventing warm air from escaping into the attic.

You must replace your HVAC air filters at least once per month. Filters are subject to allergens, dust and other particles. Programmable thermostats are a good investment to make and replacing your AC may or may not make a difference in energy efficiency. Your system needs to be tuned up by a professional HVAC contractor. Goettl Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Specialists is a name in the industry you can trust. Goettl was bought by Kevin Goodrich in 2013. He then decided to teach his employees to focus on customer service. Goettle can replace all models of air conditioners, offering same-day service, flexible appointments and holidays/weekends. For more tips, visit the Goettl Facebook page.