How Kevin Seawright Innovates in Economic Development

Kevin Seawright, who is currently employed at the Newark Economic Development Corporation, has excelled as an economic strategist. His current position is as an executive vice president, and has held that position since September of 2014.

As for educational attainment, he has a Master of Science in accounting. Aside from his personal growth from over thirteen years of working in finance, he also has a focus in improving work-life culture.

Over Kevin Seawright’s career he has specialized in asset coordination for the companies that he has worked for. He works with the cost-cutting aspect of finance, and he also has an important emphasis on saving jobs. He works with the human resources departments of the places that he is helping strategize, and he tries to have people cross-trained, so they will be much more of an asset to the company.

As a strategist, he knows that each person who works for the company is a vital asset, and he will make sure that he can keep as many of the jobs that he can. Along with his retention of current staff, Kevin Seawright also helps standardize them through proper training, so they are work as efficiently as possible.

The economic strategies that Kevin Seawright helps implement in the companies that he works for have vastly improved the effectiveness of them. For instance, when he oversaw the various development projects that he was assigned to a Human Capital Divisions, they saw their forecasting of capital returns increase by 25 percent.