Brian Bonar’s Career Path And Work With Automated Technology

Brian Bonar has changed his position in the information technology and business career many times, moving from a consultant and corporate advisor to the CEO and Chairman of several professional employer organizations (PEOs) headed by the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Most recently Bonar led the acquisition of Smart-Tek Solutions which then became Trucept Inc. Smart-Tek was formerly a business automated technology solution aimed at providing secure systems for small to mid-sized business owners, but Bonar has now changed it into an accounting and staffing solutions subsidiary.

Now Trucept can manage employee time tracking, payroll, tax information and other benefits and insurance packages while allowing client companies to focus on other issues that matter to them.

Brian Bonar has not only helped develop software and advanced computer systems solutions, he’s also advised businesses on mergers and acquisitions and investing strategies. He originally came from Scotland where he got his business degree from Strathclyde University while also taking classes at James Watt Technical College, and then completed his master’s degree at Staffordshire University.

He started as an advisor to various clients at IBM UK Ltd and worked out of different offices around the world. He also served on the boards of QMS Management, Adaptec and Rastek Corporation.

Brian Bonar was the Strategic Marketing Director for Bezier Systems, a San Jose printer and copier distributor and also the CEO of Allegiant Professional Services and The Amanda Company.

One of his first PEO companies was Imaging Technologies Inc., a company that started out as a manufacturer of printing hardware but soon became a professional installation and ongoing service company that partnered with SourceOne Group as a staffing company for business clients.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has been on the Board of Directors for the Dalrada Financial Corporation since 1994 and was honored with the Finance Executive of the Year award at Cambridge University’s Who’s Who event.

Brian Bonar is also in the restaurant startup business and over the years he’s purchased several small restaurants across San Diego County and turned them into upscale bistros.

One of his most notable purchases was Bellamy’s in Escondido, a small pub that’s now become a multicultural cuisine and boasts of some of the highest-rated dishes and specials served by Patrick Ponsaty, a renowned Master Chef of France that Bonar recruited to cook at Bellamy’s.

Bonar and Ponsaty are also partnering to build a luxurious restaurant and resort at the Ranch at Bandy Canyon just outside the Escondido city limits.