Dick DeVos’s Best Work is With His Wife

One of the best aspects of Dick DeVos’s life is his philanthropic pursuits. This aspect of his career is achieved with help from his wife. He has put together a foundation for receiving donations that can be put towards greater purposes such as improving the educational system. This foundation is called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The donations that are made go to faith based and other facilities of education so that students can have a better chance at getting the education they need to have fulfilling careers. This is something that both Dick and Betsy DeVos are passionate about.


One thing that Dick and Betsy DeVos sees is that the education system is failing a lot of students. One issue they see is that students are placed according to zip code and location. As a result, they have to go to school in that community no matter how poor it is. At the same time, fees are going to have to be paid in order to get the child enrolled in the facility. Therefore, if the parent can’t afford to get the child into a different school, then the child is just going to have to deal with the education that he can get.


Dick DeVos has also been involved in plenty of different ventures which include running his father’s company, Amway. While being the CEO of the company, he has shown that he is aware of the market and what is needed to stay on top of things. He has also owned a few different franchises including the Orlando Magic franchise. He has also run for political office with the hopes of taking on the school industry and bringing forth the needed changes.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have a genuine love for their community and are especially willing to make sure that the children in the community are able to get the highest quality of education as possible. This is one of the reasons that they have brought forth the school choice initiative. This initiative helps parents get their children into better schools so that they can learn all of the valuable lessons they need to apply to their lives.


The Goals of Dick DeVos

Of the many prominent and successful individuals that are involved in the world of business, one individual in particular stands out due to not only his successful within the world of business, but also due to his philanthropic activities that have raised awareness to the importance of better educational systems. This individual is Dick DeVos, a member of the DeVos family which is a family that currently resides in West Michigan and is known to be one of the richest and one of the most generous families in the United States. The family company is known as Amway Corporation which has become integrated in not only the United States, but also within numerous other countries.


What makes Amway Corporation a unique company is the fact that it brings both quality as well as the idea of cheap to the average household all over the world. As a member and as a leader of the company, Dick DeVos has been fortunate enough to watch this company grow from a small business to a multi-billion dollar company that has become international. Dick DeVos has been inspired by his father who was the individual who laid the ground work to build a family legacy for many more decades to come.


Dick DeVos has dedicated over forty years of his life to the world of business. Dick DeVos has been involved with Amway Corporation all his life and has learned his passion and his talent for business through not only his experiences, but also through his observations. Dick DeVos had always known that he wanted to be a businessman and had always known that he wanted to make his father proud. In present day, Dick DeVos has maintained and has grown the DeVos family legacy to be associated with philanthropic activities as well as associated with powerful individuals.


Dick DeVos is not only a businessman, but is also an individual who loves his community and who has wanted to see each member of his community thrive. In order to promote economic growth, Dick DeVos has funded numerous education initiatives due to the fact that he believes that education is the key to growth in the future. Dick DeVos has always respected the accumulation of knowledge through hard work and is now funding this through the many scholarships and the many building of schools that he has helped with. Dick DeVos hopes that education will soon be based off of merit.