Let Marc Sparks Inspire Your Entrepreneur Success

Being an entrepreneur is a tough career choice, as it includes so many failures mixed in with the successes. However, the career of Marc Sparks and the recent changes he has made to his business office can help provide people who are interested in entrepreneurship with the motivation they need to succeed.

Who Is Marc Sparks?

Marc Sparks is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the business world. He has worked for nearly 40 years and has had a number of successful startups that have made him something of a wunderkind of the industry.

Beyond his skills as a businessman lies a humble and gentle heart, one that focuses heavily on the impact that God has played in his life. He has been quoted as saying:

“The only reason a C+, high school-educated kid like me could possibly build and sell hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products and companies is the grace of God. I have zero formal training to do the things I do, but I was born with a keen instinct.”

Marc is currently the CEO and founder of Timber Creek Capital, and he has also published a book entitled They Can’t Eat You, in which he describes the ups and downs of his career in illuminating details.

Although not mentioned in his book, Sparks has made several recent changes to his Timber Creek Capital Office that can serve as an inspiration to entrepreneurs.

What Changes Has He Made To His Office?

So how has Sparks changed up his office? By moving to a new building that has been optimized for collaboration.

For example, the setting has been changed to a more open environment, that allows workers to more easily see each other and to engage in collaborative work. He has also encouraged collaboration by creating a comfortable environment with a variety of amenities that are designed to make everyone feel respected and happy.

Using This Example

If you’re an entrepreneur or are looking to start a new business, use Sparks’ example as a lesson for success. Collaboration has been shown to not only increase productivity, but to bring your employees closer together.

It also helps generate new ideas that singular brainstorming may have ignored or missed. This is crucial in a business world where innovation matters.

Comfort and respect are also necessary for promoting a happy and hardworking employee base. Sparks understands that his employees need to feel important and vital to his business’ success, so he works hard to make sure they feel that way. You need to do the same for employees.