Williamson County Gets a Solution to its Traffic Problems

Austin area’s discussions are majorly based on the welfare of the city itself. However, a current meeting, the Thursday’s Williamson County Growth Summit allowed discussions on how to solve the transport challenges experienced by the communities living in the suburbs, alongside other needs.



Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director at the CTRMA led the summit. Other attendants were Leandre Johns the Texas External Affairs Director, RideScout LLC founder, Joseph Kopser, Uber Technologies Inc, Jared Franklin of ArgoDesigns and Leandre Johns of Texas External Affairs. ArgoDesigns is a transport product designer. Jared suggested an aerial system for Austin. The event took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. Transportation in Austin and worldwide was the main agenda for the discussion. There was need to improve the technology used in the transportation industry.



Heiligenstein suggested that Austin area needed driverless cars as well as ridesharing apps to give a paradigm shift to the entire transportation infrastructure. These technologies will help to promote investments because of the increased transportation capacity. The roads in Austin will also be smarter and safer. According to Heiligenstein, this would be a perfect and sole way of serving the increased mobility and transit demands. The growing population will also experience better transport, one that eases congestion and heavy traffic. Williamson Country for instance, was one of the suburbs experiencing the highest population growth.



Even though Williamson County had a structured infrastructure that could serve its people for over ten years, they had not considered that the county would be the preferred residence for many. Heiligenstein advised them to build more roads and expand the existing transportation capacities. At this rate, the corridors would also be congested. Therefore, it would be important to make them smarter and advanced.



Alan McGraw thought that the policy makers at Williamson County needed to prepare for the future transportation needs of its people. Ficklin was in agreement to this and added that parking garages would also be important. All the suggestions were geared towards improving the transportation technologies and infrastructure at the Williamson County.

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Dick DeVos – A Charitable Man

Dick and Betsy DeVos are both leaders and involved in several mutual endeavors, such as charities and philanthropy, particularly where it benefits children and their educational needs. Those in the low-income area especially need their help to get a better education in a safe area. Mrs. DeVos uses Florida as the best example of how well the Tax-Credit Scholarship Program works for everyone.


Dick DeVos, born in 1955, is a previous VP, then CEO of Amway from 1995 until 2002. He was responsible for all areas of the company in 50 countries and across six continents. He is a graduate of Northwest University and has been married to his wife, Betsy, for 35 years. They are the parents of seven children and grandparents of five.


Dick DeVos is a well-rounded pilot of several types of aircraft. including jets and

helicopters. His wife, Betsy encouraged him to start a charter school for those interested in aeronautics of various types. Thus he started the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a charter high school situated in the Grand Rapids’ Gerald Ford Airport. This charter school prepares students for actual careers in aviation.


Being a community leader, Dick DeVos began the Education Freedom Fund. Dick DeVos is also the best-selling author of “Rediscovering American Values”, published in 1997.


Over a Span of many years, the Dick Devos family has given approximately $36 Million to the Grand Valley State University, a Grand Rapids public University. The complete DeVos family ranks in 20th place on the annual “Top 50 Givers’ List” because they gave a 2014 total of $94 Million. The lifetime of the DeVos family charitable donations totals over $1 Billion. This shows where Dick DeVos got his drive to help various charities. He hopes that when others see the list, it will encourage them to give generously.


There are five separate DeVos Foundations, beginning with Rich DeVos and his wife, Helen, leading the group of foundations, followed by each of their four children. These Foundations all keep the bulk of their donations in the West Michigan area, where the DeVos that started it all – Rich (Richard) DeVos co-founded Amway and made it into a world-known direct sales organization that grew out of a basement into a world-recognized business empire.

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