Sunday Housecall With Dr. Samadi

Health and wellness is more important than ever and it’s becoming more vital for patients to understand specific factors when it comes to healthcare, insurance costs and their options. It takes someone with integrity, experience and hard work to lead the way for millions of people worldwide and Fox News Channel has found just that person as host for their hottest new health show.

Dr. David B. Samadi is a well known doctor of celebrities with an impressive educational background and specializations in many avenues of medicine. He is best known for his advocacy for the treatment of kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. His approach to these illnesses is sophisticated and keeps the patient’s wellbeing in mind.

The doctor has a biochemistry degree from the prestigious Stony Brook University and his medical degree from the Stony Brook Medicine in 1994 gained much respect. In addition to postgraduate degrees in urology and proctology, he is studied in oncology and robotic radical prostatectomy. He quickly became the Chief of Robotics, the Chair of Urology and was appointed Professor of Urology in 2013.

Dr. Samadi was brought to the attention of the public thanks to the August 2013 segment of the morning show called Fox & Friends. During this taping, the doctor showed commitment by urging patients to find the best treatments as well as pinpointing cost effective ways to manage their healthcare. This major appearance would prove to be a constant theme for his innovative approach to healthcare on national television.

Fox News Channel announced Dr. Samadi as the host of the all new Sunday Housecall to the delight of patients and fans alike. This new show is a live broadcast where viewers actually get to email or call in to speak with the doctor and received answers to their health issues and concerns. There’s topics ranging from food and diet, sexual health, exercise and men’s and women’s health. In addition, the show will invite health specialists from many different areas of expertise to assist with health questions from viewers.

“Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” takes the guesswork out of healthcare and puts the power into the hands of patients. Be sure to tune in to the live show every Sunday at 12:30 pm ET. The hot new show is even available to watch live using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube live or at

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