How Securus Technology Is Making Use of Advanced Technology to Enhance Security

Securus Technology is located in Dallas, Texas and started in 1986 to help inmates communicate with their family and friends through the use of the latest technology including video calls and call using smartphones and tablets. The company has contracts with more 2600 correctional facilities in the USA and serves more than 3400 people including public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies and over 1.2million inmates. The company had fast-tracked its growth and fortified its position in the industry buying businesses that offer complimentary services and products to inmates becoming the leading provider of full-spectrum civil and criminal justice technology solution.


Securus provides public safety solutions which include emergency response, management of incidences and public information solutions. The company also provides investigative solutions which include identifying, storing, analyzing and bringing out data that can help in investigations. By using advanced data analytics and voice biometric identification, it becomes easier to Analyze massive amounts of data to provide actionable intelligence and well-investigated leads. Securus also has correctional solutions that enhance the experience of inmates and their family and improve operational efficiencies. The company also offers monitoring solutions to help supervise, locate and track adults and juvenile to ensure the safety of the public.


Securus through the chairman and CEO Richard A Smith has shared the communication they receive from happy family and community members on the work they do to ensure safety. They receive emails thanking them for their top-notch investigative solutions that help bring to book criminals who would otherwise walk free. Through the various reviews, the community appreciates location-based services(LBS) software that assists recover illegal assets, drugs, and money. Another report on the covert alert feature which helps in tracking the suspect and taking him into custody. Securus investigative features which help in investigation especially if there is harassment or a potential threat to the facility or the community has also received positive reviews. The company also received reviews on their phone call monitoring capabilities which have helped intercept drugs meant for inmate facilities, suspicious devices, and conversations regarding illegal money transfers, or a past incident that has remained unsolved. The community and family members are grateful for the work the company is doing and are impressed with the display and use of technology.


Securus Technologies – Providing The Best Services In The Correctional Space

Securus Technologies has made a name for itself in a very short time in the prison telecommunication, criminal justice, and public safety sector. The company launches at least one service on an average and has over 600 patents to its name. It serves over 1,200,000 inmates across the United States, and its products and services are used by over 3,450 law enforcement agencies. The company has invested millions into research and development to ensure that their products serve the purpose efficiently and reliably.

Securus Technologies is also the Gold Stevie Award winner for the best sales and customer service training team, which is one of the most competitive categories. There were over 2,300 competitors for the division, and coming on top beating all of them is a remarkable achievement. It has helped the company to strengthen its position as a market leader in the correctional space and has boosted the company’s morale to continue to serve its customers diligently and honestly. The company is very transparent in its operation, and in a recent press release it published online, the company also invited its investors and clients to visit its Technology Center in Dallas, TX. The invitation is for not only the existing customers and investors but also the prospective customers and investors.

Also, the press release showcased the excerpts from the letters written by the clients of the company telling how the company’s products and services help them. The prisoners have written how the products and services help with keeping in touch with their families, and the law enforcement officers discussed how the services of the company proved instrumental in finding the culprit and convicting them in the court of justice.

My husband is serving a jail term, and without the products of Securus Technologies, it would have been tough to stay in touch with him on a daily basis. The company’s products have helped me stay in contact with my husband and also helped him stay relatively stress-free.

Securus Technologies’ Press Release That Corrects GTL’s Inaccuracies

GTL Technologies made subsequent press statements that have all turned out as false. Securus Technologies has come out to refute the claims stating that they were illogical and had no basis. One of the press release made by GTL was an allegation that the patents board had already validated some of the patents owned by GTL. The company noted that it was only a few months before moving to court. GTL indicated that it wanted to show the public how Securus had infringed its rights.


Securus Technologies made a subsequent press release to refuse any such claims made by GTL. It stated that the company doesn’t have any evidence as far as the case is concerned. Therefore, there is no jury that is ready to listen to any allegations made without evidence. Securus CEO, Richard Smith, went on to indicate that in case GTL has the evidence, the company will solve the matter in a long time for about a year. GTL is therefore going to lose a lot in terms of time and money. Richard Smith advised GTL to stop picking fights with other companies. He stated that GTL is a growing company in the prison communication industry. For GTL to achieve success, it must have adequate patents and licenses. He added that GTL should stop wasting time and money by picking fights. Instead, the company should focus its resources on the acquisition of patents and licenses.


Securus Technologies is a company leader in correction facilities. The company offers an array of services such as public safety, monitoring, investigation, and video monitoring services. The company believes that GTL made gross errors in their previous press release. I stand with Securus Technologies in the argument. I think that GTL is a misleading company that has engaged in several malpractices in the past.