Sawyer Howitt: A Brilliant Young Entrepreneur

Millennials are staying strong, despite having to live through a global recession. After weathering the recession, they have come up with visionary ideas and positive optimism, leading them to become entrepreneurs. In 2011, at least 160,000 new businesses were made each month. As of today, nearly 27% of all millennials have become self-employed.

One top entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon is Sawyer Howitt. Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of Lincoln High School and has become one of many rising young stars across the country. He is already knowledgeable in the financial and operational needs to run a successful business. Sawyer Howitt has come up with unique ideas to unite consumers with brands. Sawyer Howitt has become passionate about serving customers properly and recently became the project manager at Meriwether group. While at Meriwether Group, he will be looking at ways to help companies stay current with ever changing technology.

Sawyer Howitt is very supportive of his community. He has contributed a lot to a variety of charities, mentored youth and fought for women’s rights. He is currently helping lead an international ethnic-studies group. Living in Portland, he enjoys going fishing, playing racquetball and attending Portland Trailblazers games. Sawyer Howitt intends to enroll at the University of California in Berkeley.

Sawyer Howitt says now is the time to launch a startup. Sawyer says it has become easier to entice potential investors as well as securing small-business loans. Communities have begun renting out small work offices with short-term leases. This current environment for small businesses reduces the total needed for capital. Sawyer Howitt also supports the idea of combining work and living space into one.

Sawyer Howitt has managed to find eight cities that are ripe for new businesses and they include: San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Palo Alto, Denver, Yorba Linda, Minneapolis and Santa Monica.