Understanding The Business Model Of Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001. The corporation specializes in offering professional wine guide and chauffeurs. The company has highly trained experts who offer consultation services to their clients besides addressing their diverse needs.

Traveling Vineyard offers customized luxury tours that include heritage, ultra-modern, revolutionaries, historic, hidden gems, organic and empowerment services to suit the needs of their clients. They offer private tours and guides using the latest Mercedes Benz luxury vehicles. The corporation hires qualified tour guides who hold the international level 3 WSET qualifications. Traveling Vineyards have extensive experience in identifying the best fine dining, bistros and local eateries.

Traveling Vineyard has 21 different brands of wine in three categories. They are red, sweet and fizzy, and white. The company is also involved in the sale of accessory such as decanters, openers and chillers. To become a wine guide, one is required to pay a fee of $174. An individual is guaranteed an electric wine opener once he or she hits a sales target of $750 within the first two months. Wine guides who make sales in excess of $1,400 within the first two months are given a rebate of $50. Additionally, for every new guide that an individual signs within this period, he or she receives a $100 bonus once they both hit $750 in sales.

Once an individual signs up as a wine guide, he or she is given a success kit that consists accessories needed in a party, such as wine glasses, openers, carrying bags, order forms, decanters, educational cards and marketing materials among others. Guides can also own a personal estate website without being charged within the first 3 months. Thereafter, they are required to pay $15.95 monthly. They earn commissions of between 15 percent and 35 percent of the total sales in a month. Wine guides get a discount of 20 percent whenever they buy wine and these sales are included in their monthly personal volume. Guides earn money through home tasting events, building a team, monthly wine club sales and online sales.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: http://www.merchantcircle.com/the-traveling-vineyard1-ipswich-ma

Jim Hunt Says Real Wealth Starts With Distance Learning

Are your finances taking a downward spiral? Jim Hunt offers an advanced distance learning course that is a spin-off of Wealth Wave. Hunt admits that we’re in uncertain financial times and does his part by delivering a weekly financial address. His financial address touches subjects like current finances, investing, and the stock market. He encourages his clients to make sound financial decisions about their finances. Hunt is a successful financial analyst and investor that offers practical advice that has proven results. Many Fortune 500 companies have pioneered their success from the advice offered by Hunt and VTA Publications distance learning course.

VTA Publications is an online distance learning course that teaches you how to build a better financial outlook through online learning. You can choose from over 4,500+ financial strategies that will give you tips including how to build your wealth one hundred fold. This financial strategy is known as a biblical wealth tip that includes in depth details on receiving a hundred fold of your investment on each return. You can take back your financial freedom with real wealth building techniques that aren’t offered by their competitors. You also receive tutorials and CD”s to help you with the course as a learning aide on Crunchbase.

If you’re interested in more, you can visit his YouTube channel for transparent financial advice about the stock market and how to become a real millionaire. Hunt set out to make his mum a millionaire and did so, in under ten trades. His mum is now a tax-free millionaire and Hunt offers his clients relevant advice on prnewswire.com on how to become a millionaire on his channel. You can interact on his channel, ask questions, and get real time stock market information. Hunt uses his own money to make a trade and then reports the outcome of his trades to his clients on his YouTube channel.

Jim Hunt is very popular for his VTA Publications course, but he is also known for his precise accuracy for predicting the stock market prices. Learn more about VTA by visiting their official website for more details and taking part in promotional offers today.

Reference: http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-vows-to-make-mum-a-millionaire-in-just-10-trades-589777581.html

Brian Bonar’s Career Path And Work With Automated Technology

Brian Bonar has changed his position in the information technology and business career many times, moving from a consultant and corporate advisor to the CEO and Chairman of several professional employer organizations (PEOs) headed by the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Most recently Bonar led the acquisition of Smart-Tek Solutions which then became Trucept Inc. Smart-Tek was formerly a business automated technology solution aimed at providing secure systems for small to mid-sized business owners, but Bonar has now changed it into an accounting and staffing solutions subsidiary.

Now Trucept can manage employee time tracking, payroll, tax information and other benefits and insurance packages while allowing client companies to focus on other issues that matter to them.

Brian Bonar has not only helped develop software and advanced computer systems solutions, he’s also advised businesses on mergers and acquisitions and investing strategies. He originally came from Scotland where he got his business degree from Strathclyde University while also taking classes at James Watt Technical College, and then completed his master’s degree at Staffordshire University.

He started as an advisor to various clients at IBM UK Ltd and worked out of different offices around the world. He also served on the boards of QMS Management, Adaptec and Rastek Corporation.

Brian Bonar was the Strategic Marketing Director for Bezier Systems, a San Jose printer and copier distributor and also the CEO of Allegiant Professional Services and The Amanda Company.

One of his first PEO companies was Imaging Technologies Inc., a company that started out as a manufacturer of printing hardware but soon became a professional installation and ongoing service company that partnered with SourceOne Group as a staffing company for business clients.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has been on the Board of Directors for the Dalrada Financial Corporation since 1994 and was honored with the Finance Executive of the Year award at Cambridge University’s Who’s Who event.

Brian Bonar is also in the restaurant startup business and over the years he’s purchased several small restaurants across San Diego County and turned them into upscale bistros.

One of his most notable purchases was Bellamy’s in Escondido, a small pub that’s now become a multicultural cuisine and boasts of some of the highest-rated dishes and specials served by Patrick Ponsaty, a renowned Master Chef of France that Bonar recruited to cook at Bellamy’s.

Bonar and Ponsaty are also partnering to build a luxurious restaurant and resort at the Ranch at Bandy Canyon just outside the Escondido city limits.

Tammy Mazzocco Explore The Real Estate Industry And Her Career In Ohio

Investing in the real estate industry is one of the best decisions for those who have the right information at hand. There are several challenges that new investors may encounter but in the hands of experts like Tammy Mazzocco, navigating through the industry is a process that does not take a long time. Tammy Mazzocco has built her career of many years in the real estate industry through research and dedication to overcome the many challenges that are encountered while pursuing the field. She joined the industry in 1995 and her company has been growing at a gradual and impressive rate.

The Edewards Reality Company was the first employer of Tammy Mazzocco when she first joined the industry. The company posted her together with nine other experts to work in Scotland as commercial realtors. For a period of seven years, she served in this position and since she dealt a lot with condominium management, she gained vital skills that helped her in setting up her practice later. In 1998 Tammy Mazzocco earned licensing as a verified personal assistant of Joe Armeni and working under him further propelled her career.  https://in.pinterest.com/mazzacco1/

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a self-driven professional who values pursuing whatever dreams she has set in life, challenges notwithstanding. According to MapQuest, she has been working as a real estate condominium manager and her practice within Ohio has marketed her as a prolific realtor. She is passionate and motivated by the services she offers to different clients.

Just like some people on Facebook, Tammy Mazzocco begins her day by checking on small tasks and working out. She then proceeds to set up herself for the day by arranging her itinerary and proceeding to work to pursue the tasks presented by clients. Her punctuality and attention to detail are some of the qualities that have kept her afloat all along.


The Rich And Effective Life Of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has lived a life that is full of achievements. As a result, she has gained a lot of reputation for herself. Her reputation is that of someone who will not put up with nonsense. When she is presented with a case, she makes sure that she gets to the bottom of it. Afterwards, she takes the appropriate action to correct any issues that have been presented to her. One thing that Helane has shown is that she is all about fairness and justice. She won’t work from any bias. Part of this is because she loves the idea of diversity.


Helane has gone to college in Chicago and California where she has studied journalism and law. She has written for newspapers and publications before she has started work as a compliance officer. Fortunately, she has worked with a passion and fierceness that has granted her higher roles in the companies she has worked for. She has always held leadership positions throughout the year. One of the reasons is that she has taken the time to study law and the area that she is going to be involved in. One thing she has realized is that a lot of laws have to be enforced in the corporate world.


A lot of ethical violations that Helane has seen were rather discriminatory by nature. Therefore, she was always passionate about correcting this. She also saw through all the nonsense that the corporations under review have given them. She was very instrumental when it came to the big revelation of 2008 when the economy fell.


Helane eventually came to work for Hall Capital because of how diverse the leadership culture was. This made it easier for workers to find someone they can work with even though they come from diverse backgrounds. This has made for a very collaborative company.


Williamson County Gets a Solution to its Traffic Problems

Austin area’s discussions are majorly based on the welfare of the city itself. However, a current meeting, the Thursday’s Williamson County Growth Summit allowed discussions on how to solve the transport challenges experienced by the communities living in the suburbs, alongside other needs.



Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director at the CTRMA led the summit. Other attendants were Leandre Johns the Texas External Affairs Director, RideScout LLC founder, Joseph Kopser, Uber Technologies Inc, Jared Franklin of ArgoDesigns and Leandre Johns of Texas External Affairs. ArgoDesigns is a transport product designer. Jared suggested an aerial system for Austin. The event took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. Transportation in Austin and worldwide was the main agenda for the discussion. There was need to improve the technology used in the transportation industry.



Heiligenstein suggested that Austin area needed driverless cars as well as ridesharing apps to give a paradigm shift to the entire transportation infrastructure. These technologies will help to promote investments because of the increased transportation capacity. The roads in Austin will also be smarter and safer. According to Heiligenstein, this would be a perfect and sole way of serving the increased mobility and transit demands. The growing population will also experience better transport, one that eases congestion and heavy traffic. Williamson Country for instance, was one of the suburbs experiencing the highest population growth.



Even though Williamson County had a structured infrastructure that could serve its people for over ten years, they had not considered that the county would be the preferred residence for many. Heiligenstein advised them to build more roads and expand the existing transportation capacities. At this rate, the corridors would also be congested. Therefore, it would be important to make them smarter and advanced.



Alan McGraw thought that the policy makers at Williamson County needed to prepare for the future transportation needs of its people. Ficklin was in agreement to this and added that parking garages would also be important. All the suggestions were geared towards improving the transportation technologies and infrastructure at the Williamson County.

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CEO Jose Borghi is Steering Mullen Lowe to a Leading Ad Agency in the Brazilian Advertising Circles

Jose Borghi attended the PUCCampinas and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Publicity. He started his advertising career at Standard Ogilvy back in 1989. During his tenure as an employee of Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB, Borghi developed some of the award-winning advertising campaigns such as Carlinhos, Microsoft, Parmalat, and Mamiferos. He joined Leo Burnett as creative director and president in 1999. His effort paid off, and he ascended to the executive president of the agency back in 2001. While serving as the president of the Leo Burnett, Borghi led a team of professionals in the development of successful campaigns for Fiat, BankBoston, and Frescarini.

Jose Borghi becomes an innovator

Towards the end of 2002, Jose Borghi unveiled his agency known as Borghierh. In December 2006, Borghi agreed to merge his company with Lowe + Partners, an internationally acclaimed network. Borghi was named the Joint CEO of the Agency. In July 2012, he became the executive chairperson of BORGHI/LOWE. Borghi has pocketed several high profile acknowledgments and accolades due to his ability to develop excellent advertising campaigns. For example, the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association selected him as the Agency Professional of the year in 2009. Archive Magazine featured him as the most awarded advertising guru. Borghi capitalizes on his innovativeness and unsurpassed professional ability to oversee the strategic direction Mullen Lowe Brasil.

About Mullen Lowe Brasil

In line with the mission of incorporating Lowe network into the unique Mullen Lowe Group, Borghi/Lowe has transformed into Mullen Lowe Brasil. Changes at the management level are also being made as a strategy for driving the momentum of the newly formed Mullen Lowe Group. For instance, Andres Gomes, who served as the VP of the Rio de Janeiro service center, joins CEO Jose Borghi as the co-CEO. Borghi will be in charge of developing innovative strategies for advertising and overseeing the investment plan of agency. On the other hand, Andre Gomes will focus on managing the day-to-day activities of the company. Other than the leadership changes and rebranding, Mullen Lowe will close the Brasilia-based office and divert its full attention to flagship offices based in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Global expansion

The Mullen Lowe Group has established itself as an authority in the Brazilian advertising arena. The group has also tried to establish influential territories in the UK and the United States. The agency handles advertising for top clients such as Harley Davidson, General Motors, Ikea, Western Union, and Royal Caribbean.

OSI Group: A Global Food Product Supplier

OSI Group is a premier global food supplier. The company provides a wide range of custom value-added food products for some of the leading retail foods brands and foodservice companies in the world. It’s among America’s largest privately held companies. They offer unparalleled reach and resources. OSI Group has extensive capabilities including custom food product development as well as the management of the global food supply chain. They can handle the entire process from sourcing to processing and distribution. This enables them to provide custom food products to fit any operation and help them to maximize their opportunities.

The OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees in 65 facilities in 17 countries. They are focused on producing the highest quality custom food products. They can support any company’s future growth or global presence with consistency and responsiveness. They can help to ensure your customers enjoy a quality experience. OSI Group partners with some of the world’s leading food service providers.

As a premier global food provider, the OSI Group partners with the world’s leading retail foods and foodservice brands. They provide concept-to-table solutions which consumers worldwide love. The company has the infrastructure and the financial resources to source, produce, develop and distribute food products for businesses worldwide and provide them with custom food solutions. OSI Group is driven by an entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic and offers new, innovative methods for delivering next-generation food solutions to help businesses turn their ideas into success.

The company was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. It was started in Oak Park, Illinois as a family meat market. The company became involved in the wholesale meat trade in 1917 and developed a reputation for providing quality meats. In 1928 it became known as Otto & Sons. Its big break came when they agreed to provide fresh ground beef patties for Ray Kroc and his fledgling McDonald’s franchise in 1955. They built their first high-volume meat plant with liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines in 1973 in West Chicago. The company’s name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975.

Today the OSI Group is the 58th largest private company and has $6.1 billion in assets and their international headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company offers products like bacon, meat patties, fish, hot dogs, poultry, pizza, pork, dough and vegetable products to supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chains worldwide.

Enhanced Banking Services with Brad Reifler at Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler attained his bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College. He is a successful entrepreneur who has constantly been in the economic and business for a lot of years, he started his first company Reifler Trading Company which developed very well that made him sell to Refco in 2000. He was recognized as a brilliant trader. Prior from the numerous companies he has he is also the CEO of Pali Capital as well as the founding partner, the company is known worldwide due to its financial services organization.

Brad Reifler manages different types of the organization as the director the company includes Sino Mercury, Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank and Genesis Securities. He is also linked with CIFCO I international Group, furthermore he is as well the CEO and the founder of Forefront Capital Marketers Management, LLC beginning from the year 2009.

Forefront Capital is a universal company for financial services. The company both with its major offices the come together and help in the delivering various different types of investment services to their clients in order to generate better and brighter future which is yet to come. The organization also delivers investment market services and investment banking in providing enhanced and vital services to prominent professional business leaders therefore helping them to produce many inventive and creative businesses. Brad Reifler together with Forefront gives better services to the society therefore making them be unique and brilliant.

Forefront goals are to always value their clients by engaging their desires which they come first before any other work these enables them greater services and also building good and long relationship with its clients. They also increase the capital that they give to their clients so that they can always come and develop their viewpoint too.

Brad Reifler and the company the major services they also provide is private and public vehicles to go from place to place to search for market trends and commercials.

Forefront develops their services they provide universal every day. Due to having prominent business people, having better management are they are the major key to their achievements.

Refinancing Your Auto Loan with Ignition Financial

Refinancing your vehicle replaces your current loan with a new one under different terms. Generally, auto refinancing refers to the process of paying off your present-day car loan and getting a new one from a separate lender. This process will have varying outcomes for car owners depending on what they are looking to obtain. It is imperative that you know what outcome you want to achieve before refinancing your car.


The vast majority of people who refinance are doing so to save money. This goal can take many forms, whether this is to help the owner save on their monthly payments and lower their interest rate or to adjust the loan term length. Others may want to refinance their car loan to remove a co-signer in pursuance of taking full possession of the vehicle. Essentially, the new lender will buyout your current lease or loan to replace it with a more affordable one. If your car payments have been overwhelming, this course of action will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.


As with all other loans, your credit score will be a deciding factor in your eligibility to undergo refinancing. If your credit is poor or has suffered since first purchasing the vehicle, higher interest rates will be eminent. Your lender will be the one to determine your eligibility, and this can be done by filling out an online application. The online application process for all car refinancing includes the need for personal details, vehicle information, a complete credit history check and current loan data. From there, the application will be reviewed by a loan expert who will discuss specific terms with you. The terms will include the new rate, interest fees and payment duration.


At Ignition Financial (www. slash my payments .com), you will work with a team of qualified loan experts who are there to assist in your car loan refinance. As professionals in the lending arena, Ignition Financial offers a solution to help each borrower keep more of their money when choosing a financial option. This successful team is dedicated to matching clients with auto loans that help them lower payments, reduce interest fees, extend term length and remove co-signers from their titles. The owner and CEO of the establishment, Taylor Carstens, has worked with companies such as Toyota and the People’s Trust Federal Credit Union. He and his staff will assure a safe, inexpensive and effortless transition into a new loan agreement.